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Best Work from my School

METAVERSE (Woman Made of Lines Illustratior 1.998 ne)

This drawing is made in Ai Illustration. It represents a Woman in different lines and colors in unrealistic world. This woman carries strong personality and power over the World 9. This 1.998 ne is having 10 magnetic tears on the right and one on the left side. It is a unique piece of technological Modernism. ( Made in 2021). Any usage of this picture is not allowed.

Sara loves Berluti: “ I love seeing Man in Berluti shoes or Ready to Wear garment “.

Computer Graphic Skills, double page Fashion Magazine Berluti. Designed by Sara. Layout, positioning, cropping of the existing pictures, text box, writing skills, image picks and choice of the Fashion Luxury Brand.

Cover Page done in (Ai Illustratior) for Berluti. Front Page ( details about the article and quotes ). Back Page with QR code which is directly leading to the Brands Website.

Sara’s favorite Page of this Magazine. Few products and old vintage vibe. Cropped items and placed on both pages. White background with small thin gray line diagonally going from the top left angle to the bottom right angle.


Technical drawing with Pencil ( Ai Illustratior ). Pair of Jeans 

Man Blouse

Unisex T-shirt with Logo 

Couture Dress made of many lines.

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Financial Management ( Project Number One ) I choose to do SQ Airlines, as this is my favorite Airline Company and I always fly with them. In this Project I learned about Financial Position, Stakeholders, many other Financial Statements but also the impact of COVID on the Economy in the Airlines Industries all over the World.