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(Author Sara Bulatovic, Date 28.July.2022)

In this Fashion Blog I will bring you through the Color Theory. This was my Major Project Homework. I did all of this in Ai Illustratior. Color plays a vital role in design and everyday life. It can draw your eye to an image, evoke a certain mood or emotion, even communicate something important without using words at all (traffic light). So how do we know what colors look good together and which ones don’t? The answer is simple: color theory. Artists and designers have followed color theory for centuries, but anyone can learn more about it. It can help you feel confident in many different situations, whether it’s choosing colors for a design or putting together the perfect apparel collection. With a little insight, you’ll be looking at color in a whole new way.

( Sara Bulatovic wearing Alexander Wang Shorts, Bershka Bodysuit, Custom Made Beach Bag, Gucci Sunglasses).


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