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Sara Bulatovic (24) is a Fashion Marketing Student and Social Media Influencer. She was born in Montenegro and is originally Montenegrin, but spent part of her childhood in Germany,Croatia and Serbia. In addition, Sara speaks 5 languages, which are : Yugoslavian language, German, English,Russian and Turkish.

Black Background

( Sara for Bazaar’s Fashion Event ).

Sara’s school project 

Support to Ukraine 

 Turkish Famous Photographer Senel

Cover in Turkish Fashion Magazine ( 2017).


Sara’s Parents in Orthodox Church.

My Story

Everything starts to happen differently for Sara from 2006. But let's touch on it and go back to 1998, when Sara was born. That year there was a big war in the area of the former Yugoslavia. She was born in that period in November. Sara comes from a very educated family. Her mother was a well-known journalist and writer for the leading political party of the company in the former Yugoslavia and Television. Her father spent many years abroad, but after 24 years he returned to his hometown and decided to dedicate himself to his farm and approach and to continue in the footsteps of his father Milorad. Sara is not the only kid, she has an older sister who graduated from Medicine and is married.

As a child, Sara was very talented, so at the age of 7,8 she was in various newspapers, children's TV channels and participated in various international competitions around the world. At the age of 8, she won third place in Berlin at the competition on '’ European Union and how to protect the world in one hand”. These handwork went directly into the hands of even Angela Merkel. This is just one of her many awards, there are also various recitation awards at international competitions where Sara won first place with a story about her grandfather and his donkey Musa. She loved to write as a child because her mother always told her that "feelings and emotions look best on paper". The year comes in 2006 when Sarah's mom fell ill with cancer, it was sudden and no one could believe it. It was too late because the disease was discovered a year later. Various famous doctors from Paris and Germany participated to bring the best result but nothing could help. After that Sara moves to another country and another environment. There she meets new friends. She always had full attention and support from her family. They always took her all over the world during school holidays and Sara had a great experience and knowledge about the cultures of other countries. She always liked to dress differently from the others, to the extent that once her sister would tell her "I won't go out with you if you dress like that, you can't wear two different sneakers Sara". Some time has passed, She has changed her vision on life and the environment, and also on people. She signed a contract with a fashion agency and soon after got the opportunity to walk the runway for the first time in her life, Mujdat Kavas, a famous fashion photographer and organizer of large fashion companies, came to Montenegro. Everyone was shouting, portals were writing. It was breaking news. Hotel Avala  casting organized for professional models by fashion agencies, Victoria's Secret show will be held a month later. Sara’s agency informed the models and they went to the casting. 3 days later Sara gets the news that she passed the casting and will walk on Mujdat Kavas' catwalk. That was something incredible, Sara was only 16 at the time, so of course it was approved with the signature of her parent. At the age of 17, Sara goes to Istanbul, on a 3-month contract, learns Turkish and adapts to a new culture and lifestyle. After only three months, Sara has done various campaigns for local Turkish fashion brands and photoshoots. However, it didn't take long for Sara to give up modeling, because she didn't feel happy. She returned to Montenegro to help her father with his business, which is tourism. Her father loves nature, so he decided to turn his hometown into something interesting "rural tourism" with arrangements for hiking, kayaking, visiting famous canyons and of course organic menus such as homemade cheese, bread, honey and fish from the river located 100 meters from gardens. Every year he has hundreds of tourists. Sara then decided to return to Istanbul and this time she had an experience with the big fashion house Beethoven & Green Tous in Istanbul, at the beginning she worked as a model, but over time Sara absorbed everything related to trends, collections, materials and colors. She learned a lot of things and started working as an agent with whom the Company cooperated, so over time she had so many clients all over the world who are retail companies and would always like to hear Sara's opinion on trends and colors as well as textiles. Time passed and Sara was on two fronts, on the one hand she was helping her father, who then fell ill, and on the other hand she was working in the big fashion industry. After all Sara always wanted to finish university in Fashion and Design or Fashion and Marketing because she speaks 5 languages. Today, she is studying exactly what she wants and loves, in a country that is very far from her home but a beautiful country that has taught her many beautiful things as well. In a country with a beautiful culture, strong history, beautiful traditional dishes and very nice people, Singapore. And how she fell in love with this country? This one will be another story in one of her Blogs. Beautiful long story. Sara’s goal for the future is to find herself in an industry that will be related to the Metaverse. There is a very thin line between Fintech and Fashion&Design, ( Sara is holding certificate as well from Fintech & Innovation from National University of Singapore NUS, business school). She likes to research and as her organisational skills are very neat she would even like to work after school for a company that will provide her with travel because she speaks several languages, a company that will give her the ability to organise and manage administration. Sara is studying in Singapore and her wish is to continue her Masters in Business and this will make her portfolio and knowledge more efficient. As for work, she has work experience as she was a manager in one of the large wholesale fashion industries, which, in addition to making and designing wardrobes, also produced textiles and delivered collections to retail shops around the world. Skills that are needed for this kind of career are: Languages, work experience, life experience, education and confidence, all of which she possesses and has.